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Offering competitive prices for the best in sound re-inforcement products,
accessories for performers and recreational players, and the highest quality pro audio products.

Schertler Pickups and Amplifiers New amplifiers - new more efficient dyn series contact microphones! Unico, Giulia, Bass amps
Classic LP's Used Classic Rock 70's LP's from my collection
Velvet string sets in stock - garbo and anima sets June 2017 I do have a number of singles available.
compas solo A,E; anima G,D; garbo A,D(2),E; garbo light G(2),A(4),E(4); compas 180 suit E; compas blue G
Eminence portable basses 4 and 5 string fixed neck and detachable neck Electric/Acoustic basses
Pick Up The World Acoustic Instrument pickups for guitar and banjo (open back and resonator)
Breezy Ridge Instruments - home of John Pearse Strings Ol' Reliable Capos are back! Guitar, 6 and 12 string, classical guitar and banjo
bell brass, bone and horn bridge pin sets for awesome sustain
Playing the Double Bass Tuned in Fifths A new book by Dennis Masuzzo in its second edition
Snark Tuners A variety of clip on digital tuners
phone: 603-899-9986 lou@lnrmusic.com
Cape Cod Fiddlers
Solution Graphics
I am pleased to accept American Express, Visa, Master Charge and Discover (through Authorize.net) by phone (soon on line) and Square (trade shows)

Dealer for the following fine companies
Schertler Transducers, Pickups & Pro Audio
Schertler Logo

(on-line store)
Sophisticated Preamps

(on line store)
Eminence Basses from Concord Group
4 and 5 string fixed
and detachable necks

(on-line store)

Schertler Unico

(on-line store)

velvet Logo Velvet Strings
for acoustic bass and cello
anima, garbo, blue, compas 180
& unique tailpiece cords
John Pearse Logo John Pearse Strings and Musical Instrument Accessories(on-line store) PUTW logo
Pick Up The World
Pickups (on-line store)
NEW See their new fiddle pickup !!
NEW 2 element Bass pickup

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