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Velvet string sets in stock - garbo G gut only (7/7/2014)

Note: I am temporarily suspending carrying velvet strings. I do have a number of singles available and one set of garbo G gut. singles available: anima D; garbo A; garbo D(2); garbo E; garbo light G; garbo light A(3)compas 180 suit E; compas blue G(2); compas blue D; compas blue A.

I may continue sometime in the fall.

Pick Up The World
Acoustic Instrument pickups - featuring the Duo for Guitar

Schertler Pickups and Amplifiers Check out the new LeFaro Bass amplifier!

Schatten Pickups
pages for guitars(steel string, classical, flamenco, Selmer, Maccafferi
and resonator(biscuit, spider and tricone )), banjo, violin, viola, cello, bass and mandolin family are complete (others are under construction)

Snark Tuners

Ol' Reliable Capos are back! Better than ever

The String Cleaner from Tone Gear

Entertainer's Secret Throat Spray for singers, teachers, speakers


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Velvet Strings
Compas Blue Bass String set
Garbo Light Bass String set
NEW - Garbo G Gut Bass String set
Schatten Pickups
The JP Guitar Tool ("the only one you'll need")
The Guitar Wheel (a complete instructional tool for for guitar and piano)
Check out the Schertler Basik Transducer
New Acoustic Image amp heads and combos
Intelli IMT500 Clip-On Tuner
X2 Digital Wireless Systems
Guitar Bridge Pin sets from John Pearse
Weissenborn, Hawaiian and Lap Steel Guitar Strings - from John Pearse
Classical Guitar Strings - Augustine, D'Addario, La Bella, John Pearse, Thomastik, Savarez
NEW - Planet Waves Instrument Case Humidifiers, Sensors
Playing the Double Bass Tuned in Fifths- A new book by Dennis Masuzzo

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velvet Logo Velvet Strings (on-line store)
NEW - Compas 180 sets
Acoustic Image Contra Acoustic Image Contra, Coda Combo Amps -- Clarus, Focus Amp Heads
NEW Corus Guitar Combo amp
G. Edward Lutherie Logo G. Edward Lutherie Logo Eminence Basses 4 & 5 string
and Dahlia 4 & 5 string violins

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Pickups (on-line store)
NEW See their new fiddle pickup !!
NEW 2 element Bass pickup
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Need Headroom? VTDB-2B
Vacuum Tube Direct Box
THE on-stage and studio answer
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Farley Logo
Farley "Pocket Tones"® Electronic pitch pipes & Mighty Bright
Musicians reading lights
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Shubb Logo Shubb capos, slides, gig software (on line store)
The Guitar Wheel
(on line store)
Mike Pecanic Music
Tail piece cords
for the upright bass
Stage Player folding guitar stand and stool combo Stage Player guitar stand and stool
JP Guitar tools
Classical Guitar strings Classical Guitar Strings
Augustine, D'Addario, La Bella, John Pearse, Savarez, Thomastik
Planet Waves
Instrument case Humidifiers
large and small models

G7th Capo G7th Capos
For 6, 12 string, and
classical guitar
Tuner Pickups
clip-on and suction cup

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