NEW** "Playing the Double Bass Tuned in 5ths" -- 2nd edition, by Dennis Masuzzo
Soft Cover - 48 pages 9" x 12" format

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"Taking the Fifth: How Tuning in Fifths Changed My Experience Playing the Double Bass"


Introductory Exercises
 One-Octave Scales
     Beginning on open strings, across two strings
     Beginning in thumb position, across two strings
     Using open strings, across three strings

Overview Exercise
     Three-Octave Scale

Intermediate Exercises
 Movable One-Octave Scales
     Across two strings
     Across three strings

 One-Octave Arpeggios
     Beginning on open strings, across two strings,
     using extension fingering.

 Movable One-Octave Arpeggios
     Across three strings(including extension fingering)
     Practicing larger shifts
     Practicing various shifts

Advancing Exercises
 Movable Two-Octave Scales
     Across four strings
     Two-octave scale patterns

 Two-Octave Scales in All Keys
     Two-octave major scales
     Two-octave natural minor scales

Orchestral Excerpts
Symphony No.1 - Mahler
Symphony No.35 - Mozart
The Firebird - Stravinsky
Brandenburg Concerto No.3 - Bach
Symphony No.8(unfinished) - Schubert
Symphony No.88 - Hadyn
Symphony No.31(Horn Signal) - Hadyn
Pulcinella - Stravinsky/Pergolesi
Symphony No.5 - Beethoven
Symphony No.4 - Mahler
The Creation of the World - Milhaud

Bach Cello Suite Movements
Suite No.1 for Violoncello Solo

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