After spending a bunch of years studying physics, then many years working in the environmental instrumentation field, for both air and water analyses, first with a manufacturer and traveling the world, then as an independent rep for several companies, working the northeast US, I decided I needed a change. Having my wanderlust pretty much quenched by years of travel, hotels, and long, very long flights, with a resulting disjointed home life that many of you long time travelers know well, (recall how nice it is/was to understand conversations in elevators when returning home?) I decided to work for myself and play more music.

I began playing music seriously relatively late in my life, in my mid forties. I joined a fiddle band, the Cape Cod Fiddlers, helped produce the band's two CD's and generally tried to have more fun. Lately, I've done sound for some local events, been lucky to observe first hand some very talented live sound engineers as they plied their craft, and have learned something about sound reinforcement, at least what I like to hear, and continue to learn. I hope with this venture to provide players seeking to improve their on stage presence and sound by offering products in which I have confidence, as well as offering encouragement to recreational players, like those pictured below, to play, play, play.

Music is a great healer for those playing as well as those listening.

I love the music business, especially when performances really rock with good clear sound and a good mix.

As the site grows, I hope many of you find, on this site, products you like, and can use, at the best prices I can manage to offer.

Sincerely, Lou Roten

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