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Basik Electrostatic Pickups for Acoustic Stringed Instruments

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BASIK is a general purpose, universal contact microphone that has a whole range of applications. Designed for use with practically any stringed, percussive or ethnic instrument, it has a precise, natural sound with no harshness or distortion. BASIK is easy to apply and can be moved between instruments, making it a cost-effective solution for semi-professional, student and multimedia projects. Itís also a useful addition to the professional sound engineerís equipment arsenal.


This version does not includes any accessories, but the following five packages are available.
basik mic only
BASIK-MULTIMEDIA including microphone, putty and a special adapter for direct connection to iOS and Android mobile devices.

The BASIK MULTIMEDIA package includes the microphone and a special adapter for direct connection to mobile devices including smartphones (iOS and Android), notebooks (iOS and Android), iPads, iPods and laptops (Mac OSX). Plug the adapter into your device, plug in Basik and a pair of headphones and go! Use with GarageBand (or other compatible audio apps) for a practical recording solution, wherever you are.

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Basik Multimedia package
BASIK SET (Pickup w/1.5 volt power supply)

BASIK-SET: including microphone, putty and a phantom power adapter box supplied with 1.5V AA battery. The standard BASIK-SET package includes the pickup and a phantom power adapter box supplied with a 1.5V AA battery. This enables the pickup to be plugged directly into any amplifier for a no-fuss solution thatís easy to set up


Basik Set package
BASIK PRO (Pickup w/48-volt phantom power adapter)

BASIK-PRO: including microphone, putty and a 48V phantom power adapter for direct connection to mixing consoles. Designed for studio recording and pro audio applications, this package includes the pickup and a 48V phantom power adapter allowing direct connection to a mixing console via a balanced line input.


Basik Pro package
BASIK ROAD (Pickup w/48-volt phantom power adapter and 1.5 volt power supply)

BASIK-ROAD: including microphone, putty and both the 1.5V AA battery-powered and 48V phantom adapters. Keep your options open with BASIK-ROAD. This flexible package combines the pickup with both the 1.5V AA battery-powered and 48V phantom adapters, making it suitable for any live performance or recording situation.


Basik Road model
BASIK RESO (Pickup w/ STAT-PRE and end pin for Resonator Guitar)

BASIK-RESO is a specially adapted version of the BASIK universal contact microphone, designed for fixed installation on resonator guitars. BASIK-RESO conveys the instrumentís body vibrations with great precision to produce a natural acoustic sound. The package also includes Schertlerís STAT-PRE preamplifier.


Basik Resonator model

Basik on violin large
Basik on guitar

basik on thumb piano
Basik on a "thumb piano"
basik on guitar
basik on a guitar
basik mic only
Basik mic only
Basik Mic only $99.00
Cable Adapter for Basik Multimedia for home recording $19.00
Basik 1.5V Power supply $35.00
Basik Phantom 48VDC power adapter $55.00
Basik Bag only $25.00
Adhesive Putty - single tin $15.00

Adhesive Putty - 5 pack $69.00

Basik Specifications:
SENSITIVITY(on instrument): ca. -32 dB
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -20 to +50 (deg C)
CONNECTION: 1/4" jack
CABLE LENGTH: 3m (118in)

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