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buffalo horn picks John Pearse® Buffalo Horn Picks
Hand carved Dimple or Sarod style


John Pearse® Camel Bone Picks
Hand carved Dimple or Sarod style
(picture soon)


Each pick is hand carved and polished to a fine gloss to make these new John Pearse® Buffalo Horn and Camel Bone Picks exquisitely beautiful! They have a wonderful feel and glide over the strings yielding a round and resonant tone. The Camel Bone picks have the same color as the bridge pins and, like the pins, are variegated in off whites and light browns.

Both materials are incredibly dense, but lightweight - you get the same ease and fast response as you would with tortoise shell! But, these are legal!

They are available in 2 styles:

The SAROD is a thicker pick because it is carved on both sides for thumb and index finger to hold. It is the same sort of carving as on our Ebony or Rosewood Sarod Picks. It is also a RIGHT-HANDED pick. At the moment, we don't have this style available for left-handed players
...but we do have the DIMPLE....keep reading.

The DIMPLE "feels" like a thinner pick because it is only carved on one side...the "dimple" for the thumb!

That also makes it EITHER RIGHT or LEFT-handed!
It also works well if you like to play with the "shoulder" of the pick rather than the point!

You'll never know what a difference it might make until you try one!

New!   John Pearse® Buffalo Horn Picks.................$ 8.00 each - Dimple or Sarod
New!   John Pearse® Camel Bone Picks.................$ 8.00 each - Dimple or Sarod

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