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John Pearse Products
(note: all images and logos are John Pearse copyright and used with permission)

I am very pleased to be able to offer John Pearse products.
I hope to add the entire catalog soon and will offer very competitive prices.


[6 String Guitar] [12 String Guitar] [Classical Guitar]

[Resophonic Guitar] [Electric Bass Guitar]

[Six String Electric and Jazz Guitars]

[Specialty strings - Slack Key, Silks and Nuages]

[Weissenborn, Lap Steel, Hawaiian Guitar]

Ol' Reliable Capo - Again available for 6 and 12 string guitar, classical guitar and banjo

L'il Nipper String tool

New Offering - Guitar Bridge Pins

New Offering - Hand Carved Guitar Picks of Camel Bone and Buffalo Horn

New Offering - John Pearse "fast turtle" Guitar Picks

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