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Pick Up the World Transducers for Stringed Instruments
(American made)

Pick-up the World's polymer film pickups are made from one of the most accurate and linear
transducing materials known to mankind. Each sensor is carefully crafted and optimized to
reveal the truest voice of the instrument to which it is applied. Over 28 years of research
and design applications provide accurate solutions for virtually every instrument in the world.


fiddle | cello | bass | mandolin
Guitars - guitar | arch top guitar | classical / Flamenco guitars | solid body guitar
autoharp | bouzouki | dulcimers | oud | resonator guitars | banjos | piano | harp | ukulele

The new pickups are amazing. Clear highs and resounding lows.

In David Enke I have found a really talented engineer, with an enormous amount of patience,
generosity with his time for explanations and unbridled enthusiasm to continue to improve and
expand his pickup product line. I recently experienced his fiddle pickup performance and was
impressed. The pickup produced a warm bass and balanced response along with a very natural tone.
The installation was quick and simple as advertised. I began with offering his pickups for
bowed instruments, mandolin and guitar, and now offer the rest of his products.
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