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Vocal Eze Professional Throat Spray (alcohol free, herbal supplement) Since 2001!
vocal eze bottle Endorsed by Rob Thomas ("Sometimes the difference between making it through a concert or not is Vocal-eze") and Tim McGraw . . . Vocal-eze has built a tremendous reputation on its phenomenal performance. Developed with the A&R Department of Sony Records Nashville, and the artists at the CMA Awards – Vocal-eze was created by artists for artists. Also brilliant for teachers, preachers, sales reps . . . Everyone! Try it today and experience the best throat spray on the market. $12.99

"What I love about Vocal-eze® is that it is a great lubricant for the throat. It stays with me once I use it - whether in concert or the recording studio. " -Tim McGraw

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Reflux-eze (alcohol free, herbal supplement) - NEW
reflux-eze bottle photo soon (similar to vocal-eze bottle but with a liquid drop dispenser)

From Ocea of Travel Wellness -I have completed test marketing and now have a new "digestive aid" available for all you heart-burn sufferers.
It's called Reflux-eze and it is available NOW. It comes as a 1 oz bottle of syrup and will retail for $12.99. And believe me it works!!!!! I have used it in the music industry with some of my Artists for over a year now and all of them stopped taking..."the little purple pill". $12.99

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Travel Wellness Artist Emergency Kit
emergency kit Travel Wellness developed this Kit for Performers and Presenters at the 2002 Grammy Awards and they were a smashing hit! After working with top performing artists on and off the road for 10 years, we decided to combine THE BEST herbal and homeopathic products we’ve found. Products included address the most common wellness complaints associated with heavy travel and road life... in a compact and convenient Kit! Vocal-eze, White Flower Oil, Ola Loa, Incense Matches, Reflux-eze, Sound Sleep, Re-usable Earplugs. To learn more about these products read individual descriptions. A must have for the road warrior! and breathe. $29.99
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