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NEW! Shubb Deluxe - Everything the original Shubb Capo is, and more!

Stainless steel - using a roller which engages a track to ensure precise alignment and making the closing action more uniform between thinner and thicker parts of the neck. $24.95 shubb deluxe

The dependable original stainless steel capo, $19.95 shubb standard

AXYS reversible Guitar Slide. An elegant solution to an old problem: how to combine slide guitar playing with normal fretting.
The patented 2-piece swivel action allows the "ring" section to remain fixed on your finger while the slide section rotates.
Choose from 4 ring finger sizes ... $24.95
shubb axys guitar slide
finger size

The New GS Guitar Steel, crafted of fine hardwood for balance, comfort and control, with a stainless steel edge for clean pulloffs..$34.95 shubb guitar steel

GigMaster 5.0.02 (updated Jan 2004)- computer software for musicians.
The complete booking, tracking and reporting system for the working musician.
GigBook, Calendar, SongBook, SetMaker and transposer, mailing list, contact files...$79.95
shubb gigmaster software