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Bottle Opener / Guitar Bridge Pin Puller New - Never get thirsty when changing strings on-line store
Acoustic Image Clarus & Focus amp heads, Contra, Coda Combos on-line store
Classical Guitar Strings Augustine, D'addario, John Pearse, La Bella, Savarez, Thomastik on-line store
Demeter Amplification Featuring the Renowned VTDB-2B Vacuum Tube Pre-Amp on-line store
X2 Digital Wireless X2 Digital - new, unique, digital wireless performance systems on-line store
G. Edward Lutherie EMINENCE portable acoustic-electric standup basses, 4 & 5 string on-line store
G7th Capos G7th Capos on-line store
Farley Musicians Essentials Farley Pocket Tones®, and Musicians reading lights on-line store
Intelli IMT500 Clip-On Tuner Clip-On Chromatic tuner for all string instruments on-line store
The Guitar Wheel A 2 oz reference library of music theory from Music Master Publishing
The Guitar Tool An all-in-one guitar maintenance tool - all you'll ever need
The Stage Player A folding combination guitar stand and player stool
Bass Tuning in 5ths
Dennis Masuzzo
Playing the Double Bass Tuned in Fifths on-line store
Mel Bay Publications Instruction books, CD's and DVD's on-line store
Mi-Si Electronics Design Battery free pickups and preamp systems for acoustic stringed instruments on-line store
KORG Metro Gnome KORG Metro Gnome Micro Metronome that fits in your ear on-line store
Nechville Banjos on-line store
Mix Mandolins New Millenium Carbon Fiber Mandolins on-line store
John Pearse/Breezy Ridge instrument strings, accessories, Ol' Reliable Capo available again on-line store
Peterson Strobe Tuners StroboFlip Virtual Strobe Tuner, StroboStomp2 Pedal w/Active DI on-line store
Pick Up the World Pickup systems for stringed instruments- Check out the new additions on-line store
Planet Waves Instrument Humidifiers & Digital Humidity / Temperature Gauges for instrument cases on-line store
Schatten pickups pickup systems for stringed instruments on-line store
Schertler products pickup systems for stringed instruments, speaker and amplifier systems on-line store
Shubb Capos, guitar slides, gig software on-line store
Snark tuners New clip on tuners for all string instruments on-line store
Standback Amp Stands Lightweight, Adjustable Amp Floor stands that fold away for easy storage on-line store
The String Cleaner A clamp on string cleaner for guitars and bass guiitars from Tone Gear
Tascam DR-1 The amazing new Tascam DR-1 Portable Recorder on-line store
Travel Wellness Products Homeopathic Products for the Health and Well-Being of the Professional Musician and all Travelers on-line store
Tuner Pickups Pickups for electronic tuners, clip on and suction cup types on-line store
Velvet strings low tension strings for the upright acoustic bass and cello(NEW)- on-line store
tailpiece cords tailpiece cords from velvet for violin, viola, cello and bass
and Mike Pecanic's cords for bass on-line store
Instruments for Sale I will have various instruments for sale from time to time - see current (small) inventory
Recordings hard to find recordings by independent musicians on-line store
Links more than 100 links to musician's, music camp's, radio station's, festival's home sites and more
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