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fast turtle thin guitar picks John Pearse® Fast Turtle Guitar Picks
Thin, medium and heavy styles

They are available in 3 different gauges of Thin [1.2mm], Medium [2.5mm with Dimple] and Extra Heavy [4mm with Dimple]. They also come with a complimentary cloth pouch so that they won't get left in your pockets and go through the washing machine.

John's wonderful Studio Picks taught people that a pick could be redesigned...and has 3 different picking points,each of which gets a different sound! So, after using Casein [a resin made from Milk and Phosphoric Acid] for our Faux Tortoise Shell Pins, it wasn't much of a stretch of the imagination to think about doing the Studio™ Picks in Casein

JOHN PEARSE® Fast Turtle picks

New!   John Pearse® Fast Turtle Pick - thin (1.2 mm)...........................$ 12.00 each
New!   John Pearse® Fast Turtle Pick - medium (2.5 w/dimple).........$ 12.00 each
New!   John Pearse® Fast Turtle Pick - heavy (4 mm w/dimple)........$ 12.00 each

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