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  Schertler (Switzerland)
- makers of high fidelity DYN, BASIK and STAT contact microphones, Lydia®, Giulia, David and JAM series active speakers, UNICO® amp, & velvet® strings

velvet® strings for the Double Bass and cello DYN series
dynamic contact microphones
Under saddle condenser microphones for guitars

STAT Series
Bridge mounted electrostatic contact microphones
for bass, cello, violin, viola

Basik series
electrostatic contact microphones
for most acoustic instruments

Schertler Preamps
Yellow Single, Yellow Blender
and Stat-Pre
Pro Audio Equipment:

Giulia Y
Powerful bi-amplified amplifier with spring reverb
50 watts
High performance bi-amplified amp with Spring Reverb
100 watts
High performance bi-amplified amplifier with spring reverb
250 total watts
Jam 100
High performance bi-amplified amplifier
100 total watts - wood cabinet
Jam -High performance bi-amplified amplifier
200 total watts - wood cabinet
Jam 400 -High performance bi-amplified amplifier
400 total watts - wood cabinet
LAFARO Bass amp
High performance bi-amplified amplifier for bass
280 total watts
Electric Guitar Amp - bi-amplified power
280 watts
Bass Fidelity Series

BF 10
High performance bass amplifier, 10" Speaker
300 total watts
BF 12
High performance bass amplifier - 12" speaker
400 total watts
BF 15
High performance bass amplifier - 15" speaker
500 total watts
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